Colorado Storytelling News – October 2013

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Colorado Storytelling News
Fall, 2013
In This Issue
1 – Greeting from Julie
2 – NSN On-line Auction
3 – Join Us!
4 – Connie Regan-Blake
5 – Heroes, Decievers and Murky Waters
6 – What’s Happening?
7 – Bucket List # 43
8 – RMS & STNM
9 – RMS Board
10 – Monthly Story Gatherings
11 – Story Radio
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 This information has been gathered and provided by  Julie Herrera

Colorado Liaison for the National Storytelling Network (NSN),

Distributed by Rocky Mountain Storytelling ( 

  in support of storytelling throughout the Rocky Mountain region. 


  This newsletter is now back with your new NSN State Liaison, Julie Herrera at the helm. 


1. Greetings from Your NSN Liaison

Julie Moss Herrera


  Stories Here        Stories There

              Look for Stories Everywhere

              We can find stories wherever we look.    

This past summer three Colorado Storytellers traveled to Jemez Springs to join storytellers from New Mexico at the 2nd Annual Jemez Springs Storytelling Jamboree.  The weather was windy at times, the area is beautiful and we had a fantastic time!

Early August brought storytellers from all over to the NSN 2013 Conference in Richmond, VA.  Colorado was very well represented, and Gwen Bonilla was one of the workshop presenters!  Way to go Gwen.

Connie Regan-Blake, one of the premier storytellers of this country, came to Colorado the last week of September.  She performed at a concert on Thursday, September 26, and held an intensive workshop on Sunday, September 29.  We always try to send updates about special storytelling events to everyone on our mailing list.  (See article # 4 below.)

Also in September, our own Pam Faro, journeyed to California to participate in a Storytelling event that was available over the internet.  This event was arranged and managed by Cassie Cushing, who came to our Conference last spring.  (See article # 5 below.)

I want to give everyone the opportunity to let others know what you have been up to or are doing; so if you or a group you belong to is doing something with Story, or Storytelling, please write a short note about it and send it on to me at  Pictures always enhance our writing; so please include some if you can.  I will also try to concentrate the national level news and filter those announcements to you.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve you.  I hope you will all help me out by sending lots of Storytelling information my way so I can pass it on to everyone else!


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2. NSN On-line Auction – Coming up Quickly 

November 1-12


NSN (National Storytelling Network) is again sponsoring an On-line Auction to raise funds for the NSN Member Grants Program, which distributes grants to worthy storytelling projects carried out by NSN members.  Click here to see what member grants are available.

  Anyone can participate in the Auction, but grants are only given to members.  (See below about joining NSN and some of your other benefits.)  When the auction opens on November 1, please share the information with your family and friends far and wide as well as those close to home.

This year’s selection includes:

registrations to popular top-notch storytelling conferences and festivals

-beautiful handmade clothing and art work

-coaching sessions to grow your storytelling art and business

-autographed storyteller CDs and/or books

-personalized performances and house concerts

-vacation retreats (One I know about is a weekend in Albuquerque for the Balloon Festival!)

-and more…

Your chance to get a steal of a deal for yourself or your story loving friends is right around the corner.  The auction will be unveiled on Nov 1st at 12 noon EST on  As you bid on items, you will be automatically notified if someone outbids you so you can raise your bid.  The bidding will close on Nov. 12 at 12 noon EST.  On your mark, fingers over keyboards, get ready…the bidding begins Nov. 1.

So join in the bidding!  It’s fun!  It supports storytelling!  See what you could come away with!

Why YOU should Join NSN!
As a storyteller OR story lover you should be or become a member of YOUR storytelling organization = National Storytelling Network. Cost is only $60 a year, and that includes FIVE Storytelling Magazines per year; ACCESS to an exclusive online database of stories; and for new members, or members who have been gone and want to return to the fold, a FREE book from August House Publishers. AND – members of Rocky Mountain Storytelling receive a discount! Plus then you are eligible to apply for a Member Grant which the NSN on-line auction helps fund!


we grow





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If you are not a member of an organized storytelling association, consider first joining Rocky Mountain Storytelling, our state organization, at whatever membership level suits your needs: Supporter, Storyteller, Storyteller with audio/video.

When you are a current member of Rocky Mountain Storytelling, you are welcome to submit your storytelling events to the RMS online calendar. Another way to advertise what you are doing!
Already a member of RMS? The next step is to join the National Storytelling Network,

the organization that supports storytellers nationally through: conferences and storytelling events, both national and regional; Storytelling Magazine with stories, news and articles about what’s happening in the world of storytelling ; sponsorships; scholarships for its members; and so much more.  That’s a lot for only $60.00 a year membership dues.  And as a member of RMS you receive a 10% discount on your NSN dues.

(These photos are from the April 26-27 Rocky Mountain Storytelling Conference.)




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4. Rocky Mountain Storytelling Sponsored Connie Regan-Blake
         Connie Regan-Blake
“Fire on the Mountain” Benefit Storytelling Concert Raises Funds for Colorado Flood Relief
A wonderful turnout for storyteller Connie Regan-Blake’s September 26 concert, “Fire on the Mountain: Stories for Families,” raised nearly $500 for flood relief in the wake of September’s catastrophic flooding in Colorado. A check was sent to Boulder Mudslingers, a group of energetic volunteers who are still helping daily to dig people’s homes and property out from under tons of mud, debris, etc.

[Learn more about them on Facebook and from NBC Nightly News.]

Connie delighted the inter-generational audience with folktales, exciting personal-experience stories, tales of travel and of the beautiful organization Bead for Life (“Eradicating poverty one bead at a time”).  There were tears and laughter throughout the evening in the beautiful auditorium of Boulder Public Library. It was a wonderful evening in celebration of community and of stories.
“Getting to the Heart of Storytelling”Workshop with Connie Regan-Blake
On Sunday, September 29, about 20 people gathered for a full-afternoon workshop with experienced and beloved North Carolina storyteller Connie Regan-Blake. In the beautiful glass-walled-facing-the-mountains meeting room of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Boulder, Connie led everyone through several rich and varied exercises designed to help get truly to the heart of one’s storytelling. The moving story she told of her mother was a profound highlight, and many workshop participants found it inspiring to find and tell their own personal stories, as well.
Connie leading workshop
RMS Board and Advisory Board members with Connie
Spellbinders volunteers help set up!
(All pictures from the Connie Regan-Blake Concert and Workshop except Connie’s promo picture at the top of this article.)
Thanks to Rocky Mountain Storytelling for hosting Connie’s concert.  Special thanks to RMS Advisory Board member Vanita Moore who took on the lion’s share of the organizing and RMS Board member, Pam Faro, for taking the pictures and writing up this article!

  5. Heroes, Deceivers and Murky Waters:

An Evening of Art, Magic and Stories


Audience gathering in the art gallery for an evening of storytelling, art and magic.
The evening of September 25 found Colorado storyteller and RMS board member Pam Faro in the San Francisco Bay Area, participating in a truly lively and creative inter-disciplinary evening of the arts with SFBA storytellers Cassandra Cushing and Tim Ereneta, plus magician Keith Boudreau and visual artist Salma Arastu: “Heroes, Deceivers and Murky Waters: An Evening of Art, Magic and Stories.”
You can see Cassie and her husband, Will, on the left, setting up the internet connection for live-streaming!
Tellers Cassie, Tim and Pam regaled a wonderfully-appreciative audience with daring and thrilling tales of gods, heroes, adventure, devils, mother-love and delight.  Magician Keith dazzled, amazed and befuddled.  And simultaneously with the live performances, artist Salma drew illustrations in real-time as she listened to the stories, in a spontaneous act of creativity and a coming together of storytelling and visual art.
Cassie Cushing, of Kaleidoscope Coffee & Stories, envisioned and produced the evening, which was funded by crowd-sourcing through an Indiegogo online campaign. The venue was a beautiful art gallery in El Cerrito, The Village Shops.
The performances were live-streamed on the internet, so the audience for the evening was located in several states all at once! It was a lovely blend of 21-century technology and methods with the timeless, ancient-and-yet-so-very-now experience of live performance: storytelling!
(Pictures by Pam Faro.)

  *Save the Date – May 2 & 3, 2014!




Rocky Mountain Storytelling will hold its spring conference,“Storytelling: Craft & Connection,” May 2 and 3, 2014.
Nationally-renowned storyteller Elizabeth Ellis
will be featured.



There will be a Friday evening Storytelling Concert
with our featured teller, Elizabeth Ellis,
plus favorite Colorado tellers.



Last year’s Saturday evening post-conference Storytelling Salon proved such a perfect ending to the conference, the 2014 conference will offer one as well – a time to wind down, have an opportunity to network, learn about RMS and NSN, and tell some stories.



The call for proposals went out the end of September and are due November 25.  Consider sending in a proposal for a workshop.  We will have three tracks this year:

  • Organizational Storytelling: For-Profit and Non-Profit
  • Storytelling in an Educational Setting
  • Weaving Family Connections


(All pictures except for Elizabeth Ellis are from the 2013 conference.)



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7. Bucket List # 43 

Storytelling and Djembe Drumming



Colorado storyteller Katy Little writes:


In 1971 the opportunity to travel through Africa and experience village life in Liberia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Gabon and Kenya was mine.  Many people enhanced my experiences of their culture, but it was in Ghana where I knew someday I would learn to play the Djembe drum and share the rhythm of the heartbeat coming to me as I played with the villagers.


Katy Little

Fulfilling my Bucket List # 43 – learning to play the Djembe Drum – came in 2012.  I had been storytelling since 1991, telling personal stories of my travels around the world.  Over the past year-and-a-half I introduced drumming into my African stories as well as drumming with the group, Djembe Jive.  As I softly beat out the “heart beat” on my drum it resonates through my body and helps me begin the process of entering my World of Storytelling.


A question I am asked while facilitating workshops, teaching classes and performing is, “How do you get up in front of people and appear so at ease?”  I know that we each have our own “process” when preparing to share stories.  This process so apparent to us is not to the audience.  I practice breathing, stance, eye contact and facial recognition exercises, taking no longer than 8 to 10 seconds, from the time I walk onto a stage till the first words come out of my mouth.  They are just part of me, but now I have added something else.  I’ve added the sound of my drum’s heart beat – thump, thump – and I know that my heart will continue to find the right stories for me to share.

This November, I will present storytelling and drumming to a group of Applied Anthropologists at the High Plains Society for Applied Anthropologists.  I will also present to the After School Zone Conference for Early Childhood Learning attendees “Storytelling and Drumming:Stories and Activities to Enhance Youth’s Interactive Learning Skills.”  These programs are for audiences of all ages and all interests in life’s adventures.


Let your life take flight through story and music!

Julie says: What additions have you gathered to enhance your storytelling?  Are you willing to share them with others?  Contact me at and let me know so we can feature YOU in an upcoming newsletter! 

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8. Rocky Mountain Storytelling and Storytellers of


New Mexico – Unite!



NSN Liaisons for New Mexico and Colorado, Cynthia Dobson and Julie Herrera, jointly submitted a Regional NSN Spotlight Grant request in order to facilitate a Fall 2014 Story Camp.  We are now awaiting news as to whether we received this grant.  Hopefully the fact that we are uniting our two states in a joint effort to reach more storytellers will have the desired effect, and we will receive this grant.  Spotlight grant recipients will be announced the first part of November.  Keep you fingers crossed as the first Story Camp will be held in Colorado.

Also, at the end of October three intrepid Colorado storytellers are taking a road trip to Albuquerque to join Storytellers of New Mexico IN an all-day workshop with storyteller David Novak – planning to bring back new ideas and perspectives to share!

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9. RMS Board Changes  



The new all-volunteer RMS Board lineup looks like this:


 Pam Faro / Ann Harding / Julie Herrera / Kate Lutz  

Suzanne Whitby  

The Board wishes to thank Ed Winograd for his many years of service on the RMS Board.  We will miss you, Ed.

These folks meet monthly, sometimes in person but usually by phone.  They volunteer their time and sometimes money to keep Rocky Mountain Storytelling functioning.  Thank them when something goes right; let them know if something goes wrong (you can contact them through the RMS website,  They can also clue you in as to how to become a member of RMS at whatever level suits your needs.


 RMS Advisory Board Members Help, Too!


The following people volunteer their time to help out whenever and wherever they can.  They give advice and offer suggestions.  They help at the conference and annual meeting.  They offer their support to the RMS Board.  We are truly lucky to have these wonderful volunteers who bring their many talents and much knowledge to Rocky Mountain Storytelling!

Linda Batlin / John Beach / Vivian Dubrovin / Renee Fajardo / Constance Holland / Vanita Moore / Ann Reay / Cherie Karo Schwartz / Jane Treat / Liz Twomey


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10. Story! Come to Listen/Tell/Watch/Enjoy!  




storytelling groupStorytellers and story listeners are equally welcomed at the Story Sharing Circles, sponsored by the combined efforts of Rocky Mountain Storytellers Guild, and Swallow Hill Music School. These are excellent opportunities to try out new stories, dust off old ones, engage in conversation about storytelling and let others in the storytelling community know what you are doing, or simply to gather in good company and listen. Hope to see you at one of the circles!


∙  JeffCo Storytelling Circle

3rd Tuesday every month

6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Jeffco Unitarian Church, 14350 W 32 St, Golden. CO

Hosted by Kate Lutz and Lev Ropes.  For more info: Kate at or Lev at


∙  The New Swallow Hill Storytelling Circle

is no longer meeting due to space constraints at Swallow Hill.

Julie Davis hopes they will be able to continue the Storytelling Circle soon.


∙  Northern Colorado Storytelling Circle

2nd Thursday of the month

7:00 pm

Loveland and Longmont, CO – alternating between the Loveland and Longmont Public Libraries: for details and location contact Dan at 303-485-7541 or


∙  The Boulder Story Night Meetup Group

organized by Suzanne Whitby meets monthly in Boulder.  For more information

click here.


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11.  Storytelling on the Radio  


Julie Herrera is host of “The Children’s Hour” which airs on the 2nd Saturday of each month on KRZA ( ) Community Radio for the Upper Rio Grande Valley from 5:00-600 pm.

 Internet Story Radio opportunities include:

Give a listen to the world’s only 24/7/365 Radio Station dedicated to Storytellers & Storytelling. You can also listen to the station on iTunes radio.  Go to iTunes, click radio, click talk radio, look for “World of Storytelling.”
Click & make it a Fave.
The Story Mine hosted by David Bullock airs Sunday Mornings at 8:30 am. Streaming live at David says: We are accepting CD’s of good stories at The Story Mine, 285 Starview Drive, Park City, UTah 84098

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 The information for this newsletter has been compiled  

by Julie Herrera, as Colorado State Liaison for NSN.

Edited, designed and distributed by Pam Faro and Julie Herrera, board members of

Rocky Mountain Storytelling  

– because RMS supports storytelling in all its forms throughout the Rocky Mountain region!   


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