2019 Rocky Mountain
Storytelling Concert and Conference

  • Friday, April 12 at 7pm – Storytelling Concert

  • Saturday, April 13, 8am to 5:00 – Keynotes and Workshops, followed at 5:30 by Annual RMS Meeting and concluding at 7pm with the Story Slam!

  • Sunday, April 14, afternoon – Master Classes

Many thanks to the Jefferson County Cultural Council for SCFD Tier III funds.


Overview of 2018 Conference
April 20-22, 2018

Exploring Story’s Impact
from folk and fairy tales to slams and personal stories

Featured Lyn Ford, a fourth-generation, nationally recognized, Affrilachian Storyteller


Friday Evening – Stories in Concert
featuring Lyn Ford, Yvonne Healy, Cooper Braun-Enos, and Joan Janis (for adults and kids over age 10)

Saturday – Annual Conference

  • Keynotes
    • Change the World, One Story at a Time
    • Heartworks: Storytelling and the Wisdom of Caterpillars
  • Workshops
    • Blending Poetry and Story – Laura Deal
    • Audience Development – Shoshana Fanizza
    • Poetry: Taking Back Your Narrative – Brandon Leake
    • Storytelling Nuts & Bolts – Kathy Santropietro
    • Your Body Tells Your Story – Jenn Zuko
  • Story Olio (Performance)
    • with Pam Faro, Eric Patterson, Cherie Schwartz, and more
  • RMS Annual Meeting
    • Open invitation to all. Voice your thoughts, learn more about RMS and enjoy PIZZA

Saturday Evening – Story Slam

Sunday Afternoon – Master Class with Lyn Ford