Conference Workshops – Saturday, April 21

Morning Workshops

“Mechanics of Storytelling: Necessary Nuts and Bolts”
presented by Kathleen Santopietro Weddel

What keeps an audience engaged and spellbound?  It’s not just the perfect plot, but the mechanics of crafting a story.  Participants look carefully at what makes the storytelling vehicle run smoothly, maneuver easily, and make the journey without a glitch.  We’ll examine necessary nuts and bolts including: positive beginnings, meaningful narrative, creative voice, supporting gestures, and thoughtful endings.  Let the ride begin!

Santopietro Weddel has told stories professionally for over 25 years and in that time has come to appreciate applied storytelling in areas of education, health, spirituality, community, and business management. She engages audiences with a unique telling style and loves crafting a story to meet audience purpose – from pure entertainment to formal instruction. In addition, she has designed and delivered coursework in oral storytelling for beginners and experienced tellers. She is a member of and has performed for Northern Colorado Storytellers, Rocky Mountain Storytellers,  Spellbinders, and the National Storytelling Network.

“Blending Poetry and Story”
presented by Laura Deal

Storytellers understand the difference between a story and a poem. Yet spoken-word poetry blurs the line, as does some prose. This workshop explores poetry-as-story, as well as ways to enrich storytelling with poetic use of language. We’ll play with words using fun prompts and a method Laura calls Juxtaprise. By inviting the element of chance to join us, we’ll sneak past our inner critics to our creative playground, and create some fresh, new material.

Laura K. Deal first stepped onto Truth Be Told’s stage and became a Spellbinders storyteller in September of 2016. She brings decades of writing fiction, poetry, and essays to her understanding of stories. She has also taught creative writing classes since 2004, using a method she calls Juxtaprise.

“Telling your story to attract the right audiences!”
presented by Shoshana Fanizza

Do you want a quality audience? Do you want to reach new audiences that will enjoy your stories? Do you want more support for your storytelling business? Learning how to tell your own story will help you to attract all this and more. Starting with building your own business story you will come away with audience development techniques for reaching the best, loyal audiences specific for you.

Shoshana Fanizza has been in arts management for over 20 years and is the founder of Audience Development Specialists, an audience building firm with an international clientèle. Shoshana is the author of The How of Audience Development for the Arts and The Tao of Audience Development for the Arts, which are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Lulu, and more! She is also the daughter of Leah Danoff, a retired storyteller from Chicagoland.

Afternoon Workshops

“Your Body Tells Your Story”
presented by Jenn Zuko

Storytellers are the quarterbacks, linebackers, kickers, coach, and cheerleaders on the stage for every story they tell. All of these roles, however, are quite different from one another. In this hands-on workshop and training session, learn tools to add to your storytelling bag of tricks: techniques to create distinctly different characters using only your physicality.

Jenn Zuko is adjunct faculty at DU, MSU Denver, Front Range Community College, and Regis University. She teaches courses in writing, literature, visual arts, performing arts, movement, and stage combat. She is the author of Stage Combat: Fisticuffs, Stunts, and Swordplay for Theatre and Film, out from Allworth Press in 2006. She can be seen performing on stage and in classrooms in the Boulder/Denver area, and online at Daily Cross-Swords and Your Boulder.

“Taking Back Your Narrative”
presented by Brandon Leake

Poetic Verse is a form of lyrical liberation like none other, allows for mundane experiences to become something extraordinary. Narrative’s are a literal representation of our personhood, a display of our maturation from seed to blossoming tree. This workshop is a masterful collision between these two worlds to create deeply impactful art. Workshop lead, Brandon Leake, is a spoken word poet from Stockton, CA who has traveled the country performing and teaching this art form.

Brandon Leake is a Spoken Word Poet, Artistic Educator, and CEO of Called To Move – CTM who has traveled the country performing and teaching poetry. Native of Stockton, CA and graduate from Simpson University, Brandon has used his gift of Poetry to positively impact his community through literacy.

“Performance Olio”
featuring Pam Faro, Cherie Schwartz, and Eric Patterson

Pam Faro has performed and taught across the US and overseas since 1988 – from Denver to San Francisco to Jonesborough; in Australia, Wales, Germany, Canada, and Italy. She tells folktales, bilingual cuentos, and personal/historical stories, including of her great-uncle surviving the Titanic. She is enamored of how storytelling connects people.

Cherie Karo Schwartz has shared spirit-filled stories of wishes and wisdom with audiences of all ages throughout the USA and abroad for 45 years, mentoring generations of storytellers and educators. She is author of three books and in many anthologies. Cherie helped grow Spellbinders and the International Jewish Storytelling Network.

Eric Patterson has been fortunate to share stories at Colorado’s leading festivals. He has a particular fondness for trickster tales, Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales, personal stories regarding disability, and stories of peace. Eric hosted a storytelling program showcasing top tellers for six years on KGNU community radio.


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