Conference Workshops – Saturday, April 22


Get Hooked on Story: A Beginner’s Guide
presented by Debra Olson-Tolar

Would you like to tell stories, but don’t know where or how to start? Whether you’d like to incorporate storytelling into what you do every day or become a professional teller, this workshop will help you begin. In this participatory workshop, you will be guided through an introduction to the process of creating and learning, practicing and polishing, and finally sharing stories with others. Questions will be encouraged, and handouts will be provided.

Does It Have to Be “Vs.”? (…as in: Traditional Telling Vs. Story Slams)
presented by Pam Faro

Whether firmly in one camp or the other, or you already relish both/all kinds of storytelling…this session is a forum for considering, voicing, and listening to different perspectives and experiences with “slams vs traditional storytelling.” In 2015 Pam wrote a month-long daily blog series called “Story Slams and Traditional Telling – Bridging the Distance.” Lots of storytellers across the country weighed in with comments. That rich exploration will be the jumping off place for our conversation together. Bring your opinions, experiences, and questions, and listening ears!

Story Kinship: Exploring Your Personal Connections to Non-personal Tales
presented by Mark Goldman

Storyteller Susan Klein says, “When something within a folktale resonates with your own story…that’s when the responsibility begins. You do whatever you need to do to get to the root of what it means to you and the truth that resides in the story.” This session will assist you in exploring and understanding your personal connections to your selected folktale; fairytale; fact-based or other non-personal story – Making the story uniquely yours!


Creating a Story from the Inside Out
presented by Cherie Karo Schwartz

When you have found a story that sings to your soul, how do you bring it to life? Modeling with a new story, we will engage in a series of interactive, engaging exercises, visualizations, solo-and-partner work and vocal/physical/intuitive experiences to connect you, your story, and your listeners in the present moment of Telling the Tale. Watch your stories begin “telling you” as you dive into layers of meaning and presentation.

Hooked on Humor
presented by Susan Marie Frontczak and Lev Ropes

E B White wrote, “Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.” Risky, but if you dare, join us in examining examples, eliciting pointers, and braving exercises that bring humor to stories. No frogs were harmed in the creation of this workshop. Warning: smiles, chuckles, or laughter may ensue.  •

Story Play
presented by Karen Chace

Experience original written and interactive exercises to strengthen your story landscape and story characters! Learn a variety of innovative activities in voice, gesture, and body language. These activities will improve your story work and assist storytellers, teaching artists and educators who currently work with students, and those who wish to create a storytelling troupe. Come ready to move, play and your students hooked on story!


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