Saturday, April 13

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Keynote by Liz Weir – 8:45-10:30am

Morning Workshops – Session 1 – 10:45am-12:15pm

  • Guideposts: Steps to Shaping Stories – presented by Yvonne Healy
    • Many paths lead to the mountaintop. Derived from theatrical analysis, Guideposts lead you swiftly up the trail to a three-dimensional tale. Discover a simple map to effective characters, plot and setting. Leave with a new story or bring one to develop. This is a handy system to use for shaping an ungainly story, entering a new story, or when faced with a last minute request for something new.
  • Market to the Max – presented by Maureen Korte
    • If you are new to storytelling or a seasoned performer, you need to learn how to market successfully to a wide range of audiences, businesses, churches, camps, arts venues, and any group that you wish to hire you. This fun workshop will give you ideas galore on how to get the word out that you are a performer.
  • 40 Minute Performances by Pam Faro and Elaine Muray
    • Elaine will perform a selection of stories.  Pam will tell her Uncle’s true story of survival,  “Uncle Olaus Survives the Titanic.”

Afternoon Workshops– Session 2 – 1:15-2:45pm

  • Taking the Stage: Using the Seeds of Dramatic Structure to Grow Your Performances –presented by Elaine Muray
    • Up the ante of your performance by learning stage techniques that will elevate your on-stage presence. This intensive will include tried and true methods to better engage your audiences, command your storytelling space, create memorable characters, and develop colorful choices from a rich palette of vocal and non-verbal communication, create seamless transitions and efficient use of both silence and expression. Come dressed to express yourself in space!
  • Storytelling with Little Ones – presented by Julie Moss
    • One-on-one conversation is the very best way to build a child’s vocabulary and teach him the nuances of language, closing the vocabulary gap. But with groups of children, storytelling can have the same effect since storytelling also includes eye contact and seems to the engaged child to be one-on-one. With the help of storytellers, Early childhood Educators can begin using storytelling to enhance their daily lessons.
  • Conversation with Liz Weir

Afternoon Workshops– Session 3 – 3:00-4:30pm

  • Crafting Outside the Story – presented by Mark Goldman
    • This workshop gets people “out of their heads” and on their feet using “action-oriented” techniques to assist them in crafting stories with greater clarity. Action helps stimulate creativity, spontaneity; and elevates levels of exploration and discovery. Come see how putting your body and your story into action can help you focus, and more deeply explore characters; scenes; significant objects; backstory and more!
  • Storytelling and Puppets: The Surprising Benefits of Combining Storytelling and the Art of Puppetry – presented by Glenda Bonin
    • Discover how to connect two ancient art forms to capture the imagination, enthusiasm and interest of reticent storytellers – from youngsters to adults. If you are a storyteller or puppeteer looking to book school residencies, an educator interested in learning an exciting way to encourage student and teacher creativity, a librarian wishing to add something new to a program lineup, or a professional storyteller thinking about jazzing up a repertoire, this workshop is for you.
  • “Performance Olio”with Laura Deal, Yvonne Healy, Susan Scott-Stevens, Dave Starr, and John Stansfield

Closing with Liz Weir – 4:45-5:30pm

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