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Last Name Green
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Biography Ron grew up among the trails, Jurassic geology, and scrub-oak thickets of the Colorado front-range. He studied art, poetics, education coffee, and wine before moving to Costa Rica to pursue a multilingual, cultural and ecological education for his family. While in Central America, Ron co-founded a school of holistic learning with storytelling and ethnobotanical lore at the heart of curriculum. Ron is currently the Executive Director of Originateve Holistic Learning Designs in Denver, a non-profit focused on cultural and ecological recovery. Ron's storytelling focus is myths and fairy tales from around the world.
Repertoire Music/Story for ECE- School -Age North America: Coyote Stories Crow Stories Three Sisters The Thunder Stone & Lightning Stick Origin of Strawberries Ute Legends Central America: The Mot Mot Sibu Creates the World Rualdo Chirad Twin Heroes Europe: Brothers Grimm Collection Mermaids and Giants Greek Ethnobotanical Myths Perceval Norse Saga's and Creation Myths Asia & Indo-China: Baba Yaga Stories The Magpie Bridge Ural Batyr Half Boy Australia: Emu and the Jabiru Bunjil Africa: The Man and the Center of the World
Also Known As Lucian N. Magpie
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