First Name Claudia Hall
Last Name Christian
Phone 7206639339
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Address City Denver
Address State Colorado
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Biography Claudia Hall Christian is a consummate storyteller. Whether she’s writing the long running Denver Cereal or a short blurb for her neighborhood newsletter, she tells heartwarming stories about people. These skills make writing traditional serial fiction — long-form stories that are published as they are written — a natural for Claudia. She’s brought her brand of addictive, heartwarming fiction to Fort Worth, Texas, in the Queen of Cool, to Denver for the Denver Cereal, and Boston for Suffer a Witch. A prolific author, Claudia also writes the Amazon bestselling the Alex the Fey thrillers, as well as the Seth and Ava Mysteries. She's the author of the short story series Abee Normal, paranormal investigations and Jornada del Muerto. She currently has 31 published works. In order to keep up with her storytelling capacity, she co-founded a publishing house, Cook Street Publishing, with a group of friends. She is the creator of Everyday Kindness and is launching the interview podcast Women and Fiction in 2017.
Repertoire Great stories about good people caught in difficult times. Serial fiction, short stories, novels, mysteries, thrillers, romantic suspense
Resources Knowledgeable about websites and authors, audio production, serial fiction, paranormal investigations, and prolific writing.
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