First Name Cherie Karo
Last Name Schwartz
Phone 303-367-8099
Address Street 996 South Florence Street
Address City Denver
Address State CO
Address Zipcode 80247-1952
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Biography Cherie has shared spirited, sustaining stories for forty five years throughout the USA and abroad. She offers performances, workshops, keynotes, master classes and mentoring for all ages. Stories: Jewish, world cultures, family, original tales. Storyteller/Author-in-Residence. Cherie has been featured at many Rocky Mountain Storytellers’ Conferences.
Repertoire -Jewish Folktales, sacred stories, original tales, Torah and Talmudic Tales, Hassidic stories, holidays, lifecycle events -Worldwide Folktales -Same Story, Different Cultures tales -Social Justice Tales -Trickster Tales -Stories for every theme; 360 stories in my repertoire -Tales of Wit and Wisdom -Tapestry of Tales
Resources Cherie's third book: Circle Spinning, Jewish Turning and Returning Tales . Artistic interwoven tapestry of worldwide Jewish stories: folktales, original stories, poetry, Midrashim, spirit-filled journey of discovery. Purchase from Cherie directly for $18:">; phone 303.367.8099
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