A Tiny Story Fest Registration

A Tiny Story Fest

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Come bask in LIVE IN-PERSON STORYTELLING once again!


      • A mini-concert of four stellar Rocky Mountain Storytellers with years of story savvy
      • A mini-concert (not a full slam) of four slammin’ successful slam tellers
      • Bonus – Each of our 8 tellers will do a short “story of their story” after telling – sharing the “hows” and “whys” of their story
      • A guided group dive into what YOU want to know about storytelling
      • A fun slam – Theme: First Times. Come cheer folks on or put your name in the hat with your choice of a personal story or a traditional tale

The Group Dive will be hosted by internationally-revered, local Storyteller, Yvonne Healey.

The evening event will be emceed by the incomparable Slam Host, Kevin Carlin.

      • Daytime activities: 1 – 5:15 pm.
      • Evening slam: 6:30 – 8:30 pm
      • Only $10!

Indicate with your ticket purchase if you intend to come to one or both sessions!

Hosted by Rocky Mountain Storytelling with a generous sponsorship from SCFD.

About A Tiny Story Fest

A Tiny Story Fest is Rocky Mountain Storytelling’s return to Live, In-Person storytelling.  We’re excited! Great stories for everyone, great insights about stories, and an evening slam!  We want you to take home memories of a delightful event, but first. . . the part we DON’T want you to take home:

COVID Safety  

This is an indoor event. Proof of vaccination and a mask are required to come in. There  will be a vaccine greeter outside the door. Show them your proof of vaccination, be mask-ready, and come in and get ready for a good time! These safety precautions let us relax and enjoy the pleasures of sharing stories communally once again. As is necessary with any in-person gathering, Rocky Mountain Storytelling will evaluate the need for cancellation, rescheduling, or going virtual if the health environment changes.  

The Tellers

Cooper Braun - Headshot (2)

Cooper Braun  

Cooper Braun was born in Boulder. He grew up without a television and so found a love for storytelling from records and cassette tapes. Both professionally and in spirit, he has  spent his life and made his living immersed in story, through both theater and live storytelling. Cooper’s stories remind us that fairy tales were never just for children. That traditional  stories can be funny, dark, poignant, and anything but dry. Stories with Spirit (his company with Rachel Ann Harding) has become one of the leading producers of virtual storytelling shows, with their series Fairy Tale Variations proving hugely successful, attracting storytellers from around the world.  

Laura Deal headshot

Laura Deal  

Laura Deal tells traditional, original, personal tales, and a few lies, to school children and adults.  You can hear her stories on YouTube, the Story Story Podcast, the Apple Seed on BYU Radio, or  on her CD, The Diffendaffer Taffy Cafe and Other Stories. She has appeared on festival stages  (live and online) from Utah to Virginia, and serves as Board Secretary for Artists Standing  Strong Together. She was a New Voice at Stone Soup Storytelling Festival in 2021. Check out her website for more information, and don’t forget to plan your next live storytelling event! 

Wynn at 25 Hours-2B-newsleter

Wynn Montgomery 

Wynn Montgomery is a transplanted Southerner who loves to share stories with listeners of all ages. He is a member of Rocky Mountain Storytellers, Northern Colorado Storytellers, National Storytelling Network and ; two local organizations of volunteer tellers (Broomfield Spellbinders® and St. Vrain Valley Storytellers); and a certified trainer of Spellbinders®  storytellers. He regularly shares stories with school children and seniors in adult day care  facilities. Whether telling classic folk tales, legends, historical or personal stories or an  occasional tall tale, Wynn delights in stories with a “twist.” See his performances on YouTube or get in touch with him to learn more!

Kathleen Santopietro Headshot

Kathleen Santopietro Weddel 

Storytelling happened to Kathleen Santopietro during her career as an award-winning adult  educator and for 27+ years she has shared traditional tales in a wide variety of venues. She crafts  classics, folk, and fairy tales for educational or entertaining purposes and has designed 

storytelling coursework that has been accredited by the National Storytelling Network. She has  been a member of RMS for over 20 years and is currently the Chair of the NSN Accreditation Committee.


Joe Fleenor

Most people who meet Joe think he’s from Mars. Most people who get to know Joe well realize he is in fact from Mars and think he should go back there. Those people who know him really well, like his daughter, think he spends most of his time there anyway. Joe is ideally suited for a Story Fest – because you know his stories will be out of this world.


Madeleine Berenson

Madeleine is the second of eight children borne of wealthy-but-parsimonious parents who moved every two-to-four years. She grew up in several large houses, all packed to the rafters with oddities from the flea market. In other words, the ideal childhood for a writer, which is what she grew up to be, as well as a ski instructor. The mother of two sons and stepmother of two more, Madeleine lives in Eagle Vail with her adored and adoring husband David and their two dogs, Chester and Cora.

RMS Eric McNeil Phote

Eric McNeil

Eric has been a math teacher for 38 years. He began using stories as a way to build relationships with students. A few years ago he was encouraged to tell stories to adults, so he gave it a try. The rest is history. Eric started by winning 4 Moth Slams, and thus participated in 4 Moth Grand Slams. He was off and running. It seems as though he has told stories, for the joy of it, at nearly every place and event that features or utilizes story in Colorado. If it’s a  competition, he’s at or near the top. After all, Eric has run 13 marathons, so you know he stays the course.


Melody Fairchild

Melody has turned her life as an amazingly successful, world-class runner into an inspiring book,  Girls Running. In her book, as in her life, the underlying thread weaves through the joys and the  lessons of pursuing your passion and embracing the journey not matter where it takes you. Lucky for the storytelling world, that passion for life is where great stories come from! Taking second  at the Boulder Slam on her first try, she is a rising star who will embrace the ride no matter where  it takes her.

Slam Host

Kevin Carlin Headshot

Kevin Carlin

Kevin has been hosting the Denver Moth StorySLAM for almost five years, having previously been a regular Moth contestant.  He discovered storytelling at the Moth in NYC, where he had been performing stand-up comedy for a number of years.  During the pandemic, Kevin published a sci-fi novel.  “The Pacifists” is a lighthearted space opera that is the polar opposite of the true stories he tells at the Moth.  Not only is it not a true personal story, it couldn’t be true!

Why A Tiny Story Fest?  

Story does not need events to prosper. As long as there are kindergarten playgrounds, neighborhood street corners, kitchen tables, a fire people can stare into, teacher’s lounges,  coffee shops, bars, a grandparent’s lap. . .as long as there are two people on earth, there will be story. 

On the other hand, people do need in-person, group, intentional story to thrive. Our brains are wired for it. It’s a thing — look it up! History proves that, and the current living proof is in the popularity of traditional storytelling concerts and festivals, and the enthusiast public embrace of story slams.  

Trouble is, people tend to know about one presentation style or the other. Now that’s just plain  silly! Why miss out on any stories?  

So, A Tiny Story Fest is offered as a sampler of both traditional stories and slam-style stories, with a smattering of insights into story in general. We hope that everyone, from die-hard lovers of storytelling to curious story newbies, will have a really good time! 



The American Mountaineering Center 

710 10th Street 

Golden, CO 80401