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Here at Rocky Mountain Storytelling, we love crafting and retelling unique tales to entertain our audiences. For years, our live storytellers have networked with like-minded individuals to create a community centered around this art. You can browse our directory to find a storyteller, organization, or supporter of our cause.

Our Storytellers

Check our list to find a storyteller located in the Rocky Mountain region. We are passionate about live storytelling and are always happy to bring joy into the modern age. Find a professional you love and reach out for live or online storytelling opportunities!

RMS Supporters

As a non-profit organization, Rocky Mountain Storytelling relies on supporters to enable us to entertain crowds across Colorado. We love our sponsors and are happy to list their information in order to better connect you to the RMS community.

Local Organizations

From national storytelling entities to local libraries, Rocky Mountain Storytelling is happy to partner with various organizations in order to provide venues and events to the community. Search for organizations in your area, and don’t forget to support storytelling in all its forms!

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