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Biography In the beginning, Carol A. Pranschke was created. Now Carol loves to put her passion to writing to service for others. She loves word play and humor (“I’m doing much better than I think I am. Just ask me.”) She has a passion for keeping drama up on stage and loves to perform, especially on stages that have people sitting in front of them. The daughter of Joseph and Emily Pranschke, she would like to be known as Carol A. Rose, since as she eloquently puts it, “Who the heck can pronounce her father’s name, right, Joe?” Carol performs and directs humorous and dramatic pieces, ballads, storytelling, and skits. Her original pieces include: “The Art of Love: Come Sacrifice and High Water,” where death and love meet in unexpected ways; “Calling All Angels,” a Christmas pageant from the sky-high view of the angels involved; “Rejoice O Daughter of Zion,” a Palm Sunday musical play celebrating Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem; “When I am President,” suggesting what happens when a 10-year-old girl becomes the U.S. President; “The Ballad of Lyons Community Church,” commemorating the 105th anniversary of a local church; and “Joy to the World,” a multi-generational Christmas pageant. A member of Rocky Mountain Storytellers and Lyons Community Theatre, Carol entertains by bringing unique pieces to life on the stage. Here is a festive sampling, as: bossy know-it-all Ann, witchy at its best, in the one-act “Cheating Death”; busy and well-intentioned mom Wendy mixes up her to-do list with prayer, and hears from God; a voice in the heartfelt “Thanksgiving Rant,” contrasting the ease of U.S. life with hardship elsewhere; poet of “Why is it This Way?,” a lead-in to Annie Flint Johnson’s “What God Hath to Say”; and in dramatic interpretation of Oscar Wilde’s “The Nightingale and the Rose.” Carol enjoyed a variety of roles when performing with the improvisational storytelling Playback troupe, Six Figures, in Ypsilanti Michigan. She enjoyed mixing the storytelling up with specially-crafted humorous stories “It May be Love But It Still Doesn’t Mean I’ll Share My Toothbrush” and “Diving is a Scream.” A native of Chicago, Carol remembers driving by Second City at least once while growing up. When her B.S. in Mathematics didn’t add up for her, she talked her way into a Master in Speech Communications from Northeastern Illinois University. She starred as a grad student in Interactive Performing Arts at Eastern Michigan University. Now in Longmont, Colorado, Carol plays many roles: writer, dramatist, actor, humorist, office manager, mom and mystery church visitor. Carol loves to hike, bike, meditate, travel on back roads and eat foods of all kinds, even energy bars; she is starting a running regimen as soon as she spots her first mountain lion. She likes creating quotes such as the ever-popular “Grateful for knowing you.” She is a voracious reader of kids’ lit, and spiritual and comedy works. She enjoys being “Kashubian-American”, a rare form of Polish – Bohemian ancestry, surely some kind of royalty. Carol has been a hobbyist musician who bought a lot of flute music. Carol thanks the Lyons Community Church family for acting in her original pieces, and then asking her to write another one. Carol thanks fellow actors, directors and theatre supporters in Lyons, who help her put drama where it belongs – on the stage. She sends a message of fond memories to Six Figures, who taught Carol how to improv and tattoo the word “Yes” on her heart. For now, Ciao!
Repertoire Use of humor and drama in the telling and retelling of stories based on real life, honoring people and our emotions and experiences. How much of a story is true? As much as comes from the heart.
Also Known As Carol A. Rose
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