First Name Gina
Last Name Abegg
Phone 3039233415
Address Street 2868 S. Heather Gardens Way #103
Address City Aurora
Address State CO
Address Zipcode 80014
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Biography Gina has been sharing stories for over thirty years as a Montessori teacher and administrator. From seeing the importance of the oral tradition in reinforcing peaceful values, she developed "Circles of Friends" storytelling over the past eight years, through her Consulting Service, The Compassionate Way. She also teaches workshops for adults working with children on reinforcing values with story and song and is also a volunteer trainer for Spellbinders..
Repertoire 1)Circles of Friends as a weekly, monthly, or one time classroom presentation focusing on peaceful values and character development through story and song. Resources for teachers to continue to reinforce the values is provided. (ex. respect, compassion and gratitude, celebration of differences, conflict resolution, and care of the earth) 2) Workshops for parents and teachers on using story to support peaceful values. This includes personal stories, oral stories, children's own stories, beautiful literature, and music extensions. Resources are shared.
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