Enjoy Live Storytelling in Colorado With A Tiny Story Fest

A Tiny Story Fest is October 23rd!

Do you have a passion for the age-old art of live storytelling? Are you ready to get out and enjoy a jam-packed evening full of stories, insights, and entertainment? Rocky Mountain Storytelling proudly presents A Tiny Story Fest, featuring quality tales from eight storytellers, plus a short story about their stories and why/how they crafted them.

What is A Tiny Story Fest?

This “fest” is a miniature version of our typical slams, featuring live storytelling entertainment plus time for first-timers to try their chops and weave their favorite tales.

Why A Tiny Story Fest?  

Story does not need events to prosper. As long as there are kindergarten playgrounds, neighborhood street corners, kitchen tables, a fire people can stare into, teacher’s lounges, coffee shops — as long as there are two people on earth, there will be story. 

Yet despite all of this, people do need in-person, group, intentional story to thrive. Our brains are wired for it. It’s a thing, look it up! History proves that, and the current living proof is in the popularity of traditional storytelling concerts and festivals, and the enthusiast public embrace of story slams.  

A Tiny Story Fest is a sampler of both traditional stories and slam-style stories, with a smattering of insights into story in general. We hope that everyone, from die-hard lovers of storytelling to curious story newbies, will have a really good time, and we can’t wait to see you on October 23rd!

The Lowdown

If you’re interested in attending our event, be sure to register online and get your tickets. We look forward to telling with you!

    • Where?
      • The American Mountaineering Center
        710 10th Street
        Golden, CO 80401
    • When?
      • October 23rd, 2021 – 1:00 p.m.
    • How Much?
      • Tickets are only $10 per person
    • Who?
      • 8 storytellers ready to entertain your imagination, including Cooper Braun, Laura Deal, Wynn Montgomery, and Kathleen Santopietro Weddel.

COVID-19 Safety

As this is an indoor event, we will be following all relevant safety precautions and ask that all guests are vaccinated and masked to fully allow us to enjoy our day. Click here to learn more about our fest, as we will continue to monitor if the event needs to be canceled, rescheduled, or moved online!