Story Wisdom

Compiled and edited by
Julie Moss and Cherie Karo Schwartz

Stories are the collective Wisdom of the ages handed down from one generation to the next; always changing to meet the needs of those who are telling and those who are listening. Yet, Story’s universal truths remain intact.

We set out on a quest to discover some of that Wisdom. We urged our telling compadres to share what they knew about Story. We fondly remembered the days of Norma Livo. And our collective wisdom came together piece by glorious piece!

Assembled here is the Wisdom of Rocky Mountain story folk, who range from lifelong tellers of tales (not lies, Mom, really) to those who are newer to the craft. Some make their living telling tales, some use telling as a part of their everyday work, some volunteer their telling, and some just tell for the fun of it!

And so, as it often happens with all things Story, the pieces we received fit together just right. May this collective Story Wisdom enfold you with the peace and understanding that is so often Story’s gift.

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