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events that perpetuate the art of oral storytelling.

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Storytelling! Our local storytellers love to bring the art of oral storytelling to life through live events, story camps, and more. We are constantly improving our craft to connect with audiences across Colorado and the surrounding areas, including storytelling online. If you are interested in hearing a yarn or you wish to get in touch with us to learn more, feel free to browse our site. We look forward to sharing our unique narratives with you!

A Tiny Story Fest is October 23!

This event from Rocky Mountain Storytelling is your perfect chance to get out and enjoy the joy and passion of live storytelling. Featuring eight uniquely talented storytellers, your evening is sure to be jam-packed full of wonder and exploration. Tickets are only $10, so be sure to click the button below to learn more about Tiny Story Fest 2021 in Golden, CO!