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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Storytelling! Our local storytellers love to bring the art of oral storytelling to life through live events, story camps, and more. We are constantly improving our craft to connect with audiences across Colorado and the surrounding areas, including storytelling online. If you are interested in hearing a yarn or you wish to get in touch with us to learn more, feel free to browse our site. We look forward to sharing our unique narratives with you!


March 24-26
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Sheraton Harborside Hotel

Northeastern Storytelling Converence

Kathleen Santopietro will present: What’s a Memory? Storytelling for Seniors

Often residents of senior care facilities become a passive audience for structured activities.  This workshop suggests that oral storytelling can provide an alternative to “in-chair” watching, crafting, or non-active listening.  Participants review basic brain research surrounding the impact of story on memory, identify elements of effective programs for seniors, and discuss ways storytellers can market oral storytelling in independent, assisted and memory care facilities.

Story Camp!

Our nearly annual fall Story Camp happened once again in the beautiful southern mountains of Colorado – an eventful weekend featuring story workshops, circles, and more, all with actual camping!

Read below for more details on Story Camp 2022!  


The Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp was our locale for an inspiring weekend of storytelling.

It really was camp! Yes, we were in a pleasant lodge with a story-inspiring large fireplace, eating deliciously cooked meals complete with relaxation and the outdoors at our doorstep let us know we were at camp.


Soup and salad upon arrival on Friday late afternoon, three full meals Saturday, a Sunday Brunch. A comfortable bed in a double room for two nights. Coffee was available all the time. We were able to bring our own supplemental snacks and drinks if we liked, as there was a kitchen with plenty of space!



Friday evening story circle. Saturday morning story workshop(s), Saturday afternoon combination story activities and free time. Saturday evening story circle. Sunday morning social/story time and brunch, then good-byes to new and old friends. A good time!


The whole weekend! This was camp and we got away from it all! Aside from a few congenial essential camp folks, we were on our own. Our only responsibility was to have fun and listen for the dinner bell. Most people attended most everything though, because who can get enough story?

Register for Camp ER 16th – SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 18th, 2022

Story Camp will hosted a maximum of 22 people last year. Story Camp is wheelchair accessible.

The cost was $215 per person, all-inclusive.

We had a blast at Rocky Mountain Storytelling STORY CAMP 2022!